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Root coverage graft

Root covering graft (also called connective tissue graft) is placed over the root to cover the already exposed root surface.

It also increases the attached tissue and stops the progression of gingival recessions.

The success rate of this procedure is variable depending on the shape and extent of the recession. Healing will be compromised with smokers.

A graft is a thin piece of gum tissue usually taken from the roof of the mouth.

The graft is usually placed over the recession (outlined), to strengthen the attached tissue, improve the esthetics and reduce root sensitivity.

The amount of root coverage may vary depending on local factors.

This is a picture showing some recession and thin attached tissue.

This is the same tooth after a graft successfully covered the root surface and increased the attached tissue. It is not always possible to cover all the root surface.

This is another example of gum recession.

The same area after the graft.

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