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Dr. PALINKA Ronald - Ronald Palinka DPC
44 South Algoma Street, Thunder Bay, ON

Dr. PATEL Aditya - Downtown Dental
276 Charlotte Street, Sydney, NS

Dr. PATEL Aditya - Ocean Periodontal
#590- 5991 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS

Dr. PATEL Aditya - Truro Periodontics
56 Pleasant Street, Truro, NS

Dr. PAULETTO Nathalie - IMPRESS Perio Implant Center
Unit 304 - 1901 Rosser Avenue, Burnaby, BC

Dr. PAYNE Genevieve - 4141, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, #535, Westmount, QC
Dr. PEARSON Gerald - #306 - 4800 Leslie Street, Toronto, ON
Dr. PELLETIER Hugues - 2480, chemin Ste-Foy, #240, Ste-Foy, QC
Dr. PERLUS Jon - 39 Pleasant Blvd., 4th Floor, Toronto, ON
Dr. PERRI Romina - Les Parodontistes
8100, boul. Leduc, #300, Brossard, QC

Dr. PETRICCA Giorgio - #503 - 495 Dunsmuir Street, Nanaimo, BC
Dr. PETTIGREW Douglas - 203 Huntington Galleria
4628 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB

Dr. PHO Mindy - #101 - 1453 Gordon Street, Guelph, ON
Dr. PICARD Jean-Pierre - Canadian Forces, Health Services Group Headquarters
1745 Alta Vista Drive, Room 330, Ottawa, ON

Dr. PRESTON Rhonda - Kelowna Perio
#220 - 1890 Cooper Road, Kelowna, BC

Dr. PRICE Daniel - Prince Charles Building
Suite W250, 120 Torbay Road, St. John's, NL

Dr. PRUTHI Atul - Dr. Atul K. Pruthi Dental Corporation
606 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Dr. PRUTHI Vijay - Dr. Vijay K. Pruthi Dental Corporation
606 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

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