Canadian Academy of Periodontology

The foundation of a healthy smile

Mission Statement

The Academy as the national voice of periodontists, supports success of its members, promotes excellence in the practice of periodontics and in partnership advances the periodontal health of the public as an integral part of optimal oral and general health.

Vision Statement

The Academy unifies periodontists as the recognized leaders with the expertise to advance, provide and educate on periodontics and surgical tooth replacement care. Periodontists are key to comprehensive oral health care and a central collaborative interface with allied partners between oral health and general health.

Why see a Periodontist?

The goal of periodontal therapy is to allow you to keep your teeth and your smile all your life.

More specifically, it allows to stop the progression of gum disease, to strengthen your gums and to replace if necessary missing teeth with implants.

In most cases, with appropriate treatments and your cooperation, it is possible to keep your teeth for life.

Zoom in with CAP

A three-part lecture series for your referring doctors and hygienists, sponsored by Crest Oral B, offered at no charge to CAP members, their staff, and referring doctors. Please forward the registration page to your referring doctors with our compliments.

2024 Zoom in with CAP →

Jump the GAP with CAP

A webinar series designed for CAP members. Registration is complimentary for CAP members, with nominal fees for hygienists and non-CAP members.

2024 Jump the GAP with CAP →

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