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Jump the Gap with the CAP - A webinar series designed for CAP members

A bi-monthly webinar series designed for CAP members. Registration is complimentary for CAP members, with nominal fees for hygienists and non-CAP members.

These seminars will be presented on the last Thursday of every other month via Zoom. Each session will be 1-hour long followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A session and a short sponsor presentation.

Lecture Date: Last Thursday of every other month

Lecture Time: 8:00pm-9:30pm ET

Registration Fees
CAP Members: no charge
Non-CAP Members: $75+HST
Hygienists: $25+HST

CE Points: Each session will qualify for 1.5 CE Points

On Demand: Provided the speaker's permission is obtained, sessions may be available on-demand on the member's side of the CAP website for a duration of 2 weeks following the live broadcast.


Jump the GAP with CAP

Jump the GAP with CAP
November Session

Thursday, November 30, 2023
8:00PM-9:30PM EST

David Chvartszaid, DDS, MSc (Prostho), MSc (Perio), FRCDC

Common prosthetic mistakes and complications with implant-supported crowns and bridges: What should a periodontist know?

Implant-supported crowns and bridges may experience several complications during the delivery process and in long-term function. This lecture will review common prosthetic mistakes and complications that dentists may encounter. It is critical for periodontists to be informed of such prosthetic challenges for several reasons. Prosthetic complications may impact on the biologic health of the supporting implants. Patients may present to the periodontist with a prosthetic complication and, the dentist may seek a periodontist’s input to help resolve a prosthetic challenge or patient complaint. This lecture will review common prosthetic mistakes, complications, and patient complaints with implant- supported crowns and bridges with the focus on diagnosis, management and prevention.

Learning Objectives:

1. to sensitize periodontists to the range of prosthetic mistakes, complications, and patient complaints that may be encountered during the delivery process and in function
2. to review the diagnosis, management and prevention of such prosthetic issues to help periodontists support their network of general dentists

David Chvartszaid is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and the chief-of-dentistry at Baycrest Hospital (Toronto). He is a specialist in Prosthodontics and Periodontics and holds master’s degrees in both from the University of Toronto. David Chvartszaid is a past director of the Graduate Prosthodontics program at the University of Toronto and is a past president of the Association of Prosthodontists of Canada.

Registration open


Jump the GAP with CAP
September Session

Thursday, September 28, 2023
8:00PM-9:30PM EST

Isabel Mello, DDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC

Bone Preservation in the Young Patient
Moderator: TBC

Orofacial trauma in young patients often results in tooth loss and diminished quality of life. Children and adolescents have limited options for tooth replacement following extraction. This course will discuss treatment options to aid in bone preservation for young, growing patients to improve long-term prosthetic and functional results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Present different scenarios that may benefit from strategies that preserve bone in young patients
  • Explore treatment options in cases of trauma, unrestorable caries or enamel hypoplasia
  • Discuss management of complicated cases and the importance of a multi-disciplinary team approach

Dr. Isabel Mello received her DDS degree from the Federal University of Alfenas, Brazil in 1996. In 2000, she completed her residency and Master of Sciences in Endodontics at the University of Sao Paulo, and in 2008, she defended her PhD in Dental Sciences in a joint program between the University of Sao Paulo and the University of British Columbia. She is the Division Head of Endodontics at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada and has received several teaching awards.

Dr. Mello is an active researcher and has published several papers in peer review journals. She is a board-certified Endodontist and a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. She serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Endodontics. She serves as consulting staff in the Dentistry Department at the IWK children’s hospital in Nova Scotia and maintains a part-time practice in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Jump the GAP with CAP
March Session

Thursday, March 30, 2023
8:00PM-9:30PM EST

Dr. Neel Reddy Kaipatur DMD, PhD., FRCDC

Innovations in Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment: A new imaging approach
Moderator: Dr.

  • Introduction
  • Brief overview of current diagnostic tools in periodontics
  • New imaging modalities in periodontal diagnosis
  • Ultrasound physics and technology
  • Applications of ultrasound in periodontal diagnosis
  • Applications of ultrasound in periodontal treatment
  • Advantages and limitations of ultrasound in periodontics
  • Future outlook for ultrasound in periodontics

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current diagnostic tools available in periodontics and the limitations of these tools.
  • Identify the benefits of incorporating ultrasound in periodontal diagnosis and treatment.
  • Gain knowledge of the principles of ultrasound physics and technology as they apply to periodontics.
  • Recognize the applications of ultrasound in periodontal and peri-implant diagnosis, including the assessment of periodontal tissues.
  • Understand the potential applications of ultrasound in periodontal treatment monitoring, including periodontal tissue regeneration and peri-implant tissue health.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and limitations of ultrasound in periodontics, including increased accuracy and precision in diagnosis, potential cost and accessibility limitations, and the operator skill level required.
  • Understand the potential for future research and development in the use of ultrasound in periodontics and the potential impact on the field.

Dr. Neel Kaipatur received his Dental Degree from McGill University in 2006 and a PhD in Orthodontics from University of Alberta in 2015. He has extensive experience in bench side and translational research and was an assistant clinical professor at the University of Alberta from 2015 to 2022 until his recent move to Truro, Nova Scotia. He continues to be affiliated with the University of Alberta conducting patient-centered research to find new ways to improve patient care. His research is focused on finding innovative radiation-free imaging solutions.

He is currently practicing orthodontics in Truro, Nova Scotia and is serving as a Vice-President of DenSonics Imaging; a start-up company that is looking into developing an intraoral ultrasound device for dental imaging. With his extensive research knowledge and business experience, he is helping guide the research and development wing of DenSonics.

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